The UK’s MOST loved Disney villain, worldwide study reveals

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 For the duration of the Covid-19 lockdown, we will undoubtedly be consuming a lot of content from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

  • With the latter online streaming service recently launching in several European countries, it has created a ton of excitement and nostalgia among Disney enthusiasts.

Thanks to lockdown measures across the globe, we have all been undoubtedly consuming an awful lot of television, including watching (or rewatching) our favourite Disney classics. We are all guilty of falling in love with some characters more than others, and sometimes we even develop a soft spot for villains.

Interested in discovering which Disney villains steal our hearts the most, utilised SEMrush’s search analytics tool to discover which classic Disney villain is the most popular around the world!

Global Rankings can reveal that Scarfrom The Lion King has been crowned Disney’s favourite baddie of all time! The evil lion topped the list in 18 different countries, receiving 119,030 average searches per month alone – this includes major countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany!

Landing in second place, with a whopping 42,680 searches in the last month, is Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin, who came out on top for two countries – Italy, France, and the Netherlands.

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast is the third most popular baddie – he received 36,680 searches worldwide in the last month! The baddie also ranks as the second favourite villain in two European Countries – the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Following in fourth and fifth position are The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland with 32,800 searches and Hades who stars in Hercules with 31,770!

Country Breakdown

The evil lion Scar is the most favoured in the United States, receiving a staggering 74,000 searches from fans in the last month.

Following closely behind is the United Kingdom, with 18,100 searches being made for Scar – also ranking as the country’s favourite.

Interestingly Spain, France and Italy were the only three countries not to crown Scar as the most popular Disney baddie. Instead, can reveal that Spain’s favourite villain is Hades from Hercules (2,900 times searches), andFrance and Italy both opted for Aladdin’s Jafar (4,800 searches between them) – who ranked fifth globally.

Jafar from Aladdin also placed second in a whopping 14 countries – altogether they have searched for the baddie 12,700 times in the last month!

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, who came third globally, ranked second in Indonesia (390 searches) and the United Kingdom (8,100 searches)

Gaston landed in joint second place with the Queen of Hearts from Alice and Wonderland in Ireland (320), and United States (22,00 searches). He also landed in joint second position alongside Jafar from Aladdin in Japan (140 searches). 

Additionally, Gaston ranked in third place among three different countries: Canada, Netherlands, and Belgium (2,750 monthly searches between them).


  1. The team at compiled a list of famous Disney villains using a variety of online articles to produce a final list of 16 villains.
  2. Once the Disney villains were found, analysed the 20 countries who currently have access to Disney+. Countries where data was not available were excluded from the study, including Isle of Man, Monaca, Wallis and Futuna, West Indies, French Guiana and New Caledonia.
  3. then used SEMrush to discover the search volumes of each Disney character and the film they starred in. They were then able to rank the Disney Villains and discover each country’s top three favourite Disney villains.

All data was collected on 05/01/2020 and is correct as of then.

Data and content provided by who commissioned the data.