PRESS RELEASE: Go into and over the rainbow with this new book all about the colours of film

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By Charles Bramesco

09th FEB 2023 | Frances Lincoln | £18.99 | Hardback

Taking you from the earliest feature films up to today,

Colours of Film discusses the pivotal role that colour played in the success of

50 iconic movies.

The use of colour is an essential part of film. It has the power to evoke powerful emotions, provide subtle psychological symbolism and act as a narrative device.

Wes Anderson’s pastels and muted tones are aesthetically pleasing, but his careful use of colour also acts as a shorthand for interpreting emotion. And let’s not forget Schindler’s List(1993, dir. Steven Spielberg), in which a bold flash of red against an otherwise black-and-white film is used as a powerful symbol of life, survival and death.

In Colours of Film, film critic Charles Bramesco introduces an element of cinema that is often overlooked yet has been used in extraordinary ways. Using infographic colour palettes, and stills from the movies, this is a lively and fresh approach to film for cinema-goers and colour lovers alike.

He also explores in fascinating detail how the development of technologies have shaped the course of modern cinema, from how the feud between Kodak and Fujifilm shaped the colour palettes of the 20th Century’s greatest filmmakers, to how the advent of computer technology is creating a digital wonderlandfor modern directors in which anything is possible.

Charles Bramesco is a film and television critic living in Brooklyn. In addition to the Guardian, his work has also appeared in Rolling Stone, Little White Lies, Vanity Fair, Newsweek, Forbes, Nylon, Vulture, Frieze, The A.V. Club, Indiewire, The Dissolve, Vox, and Pitchfork. He is the author of Vampire Movies (Little White Lies for William Collins, 2019).

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