Past, Present and Future

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The Past

This site provides a good history of the cinema history. Two other sites which explain the history equally as well Early Cinema and How Stuff Works (that site is also very interesting for other aspects of projection).

The Present

This site provides a good source of information on what it takes at the moment to be a projectionist.

The Future

There is much debate going on about the future of cinema and projectors. The idea of digital or electronic projection, all controlled from one central place. Some of the articles relating to electronic cinema, or e-cinema as it has been nick named, which are available on the Internet are listed below.

The links given below should provide up to date information on what is currently happening within the industry. Find out what I think about this by clicking here. You can also find a lot of information in my digital cinema section on this subject.

Sandie has provided here thoughts on digital cinema.