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There are two different market reports on the cinema and exhibition industry below.

The first one was written by me in 1999/early 2000 and is slightly out of date, although it is still of value. At some point it will be updated to reflect changes in the industry. It has been publushed in ‘Inside a Leisure Business: Marketing a muliplex cinema Support Literature‘ published by TV Choice and sent out to many schools.


The following is a short report which aims to try and update the above report:

Market Report Update for 2002

The aim of this report is to update the previous report with recent information, which is now available. Due to leaving university it is not possible to gain access to some of the useful sources used in the original report, especially as some cost over £300. In an article in Screen International (Friday 1st March 2002) there is the first of a three-part article on the world box office. The UK saw 156million admissions, ranking it in fourth place outside the US, behind France (185 million), Germany (178million) and Japan (163 million). However when box-office receipts are looked at the UK is, just behind Japan, in second place with $1.02billion followed by France with $888million. As the article mentions, the UK pays some of the highest ticket prices.

The top film in the UK for 2001 was Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with a gross of £54.7million and rising. This was followed by Bridget Jones’s diary (£42million).

There were 692 cinemas with a total of 3,172 screens. When this is compared to Germany who has 4,792 screen, and 1,815 cinemas it can be seen that the UK cinemas have more screens per site.

Odeon Cinemas was still the largest UK exhibitor with 109 cinemas and 602 screens (an average of 5.5 screens per site). Followed by UGC who have 66 less cinemas, but only 197 less screens (average 9.4 screens per site). UCI is 4th and Warner Village are 5th. Cine-UK is in 6th place with 25 cinemas & 276 screens. This means they have an average of 11.0 screens per site. This leaves the remaining multiplex companies and independents making up the remaining 439 cinemas and 1227 screens.

UK cinemas reel in record audiences