Goldfinch launch Birdbox.Film

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Goldfinch today are delighted to announce the official unveiling of their UK streaming platform BirdBox.Film.

The platform begins its life with three channels of curated content for TVOD – Documentaries, Drama and Festival Favourites – with more channels to be launched in the subsequent months. This begins with ‘Horror’ in June. This will be closely followed by ‘Shorts’ in July and ‘Sci-Fi’ in August and will be supported by a premiere each month. June 12th will see the exclusive digital premiere of the The Ascent, directed by Tom Paton, after it’s premiere at FrightFest 2019.  For the shorts, Chris Turner’s Running Man will be first up, starring Raff Law and produced by Sadie Frost & Goldfinch.
Additionally, the shorts channel will reward the younger filmmakers who provide content, with funds to market their short, and the opportunity to have their concept reviewed and developed by the First Flights team in Goldfinch.
Each channel with have 50 titles by Summer 2020. The team are purposely focused on curating award-winning and critic choice titles and genres that are being under-served and generally used as filler by the major streaming platforms. They are also starting proceedings to bring in guest curators, critics, influencers and talent to talk about their favourite films and curate their own selections on a monthly basis, to build a sense of inclusion and community around the platform. Every Friday BirdBox.Film email subscribers, who have been signing up during the soft launch in April, will receive two suggested films for their weekend viewing.
Later in May, the team will be giving away a free film to every user that signs up to the service as part of their own #CovidKindness offering.
The platform also plays an important role within Goldfinch – providing the group with a direct distribution outlet for any projects they are financing or producing as well as generating a unique position for them within the marketplace.
Phil McKenzie, COO of Goldfinch, says “BirdBox.Film adds a key direct distribution function to Goldfinch, which is totally in tune with the digital viewing habits of our modern audiences.  Whilst our business plan is focused on the UK initially, the technology also gives us the opportunity to expand into other territories, and provide a white label service to festivals, markets, distributors and media companies.  The platform also adds to Goldfinch’s vision of supplying a holistic package of services to content creators to finance, produce and monetise their ideas.”