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This page is designed to pull together as much information, resources, and news relating to Coronavirus specifically within the cinema industry. Please feel free to let me know at of any other information and resources that you may be aware of:

General Corona Virus Information And Resources

All these resources and links are the Government related and similar sources relating to the virus and general advice:

Individual Cinema Organisations/Company Information and Support Pages

Most of the individual membership organisations and similar have pages with specifically tailored resources:

Cinema Sector-Specific Coronavirus News Stories

All the stories being published about Coronavirus across the sector:

Equipment and Technical Advice

All these links are guides and resources to looking after and maintaining the technical equipment in the cinema.

Fundraising Related Links

There are a number of different funds being setup to help support the sector:

Retail/Property/Commercial Related Material

Information and articles directly related to Retail/Property/Commercial:

Online Training Courses

There are plenty of online training courses being made available during this time, here are a few cinema specific ones:

Miscellaneous Resources and Information

This section is for any useful or relevant links that don’t fit anywhere else:


A number of different organisations are putting on webinars to help share knowledge and information during this period. Any that are known about are listed below:

Online Events This Week

Each week there are a variety of different online webinars being run by different people and companies, so here is your weekly guide to what is happening, with links to register:  Boxoffichave a list of Webinars as well.

Week Commencing: 13th April

Monday 13th : Easter Bank Holiday
Tuesday 14th: Boxoffice Pro Live Sessions with CineEurope @ 16.00 BST 
Wednesday 15th:
Thursday 16th:  CJ Cinema Summit #5 @ 17.00 BST
Friday 17th:  CineConf @ 17.00 IST

The Big Picture Infographics

The Big Picture have been creating informative infographics and helping to disseminate information from across the sector, along with supporting this page. Also have a look at their Corvid-19 Report:

Latest News:

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  • CineAsia 2021 Canceled Over COVID Concerns
    With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to disrupt countries throughout Southeast Asia the Film Expo Group has decided to cancel this year’s CineAsia convention. The event was scheduled to take place in Bangkok, Thailand from December 6th to the 9th. This will be the third consecutive year in which CineAsia has been canceled. In 2019, politicalRead […]
    J. Sperling Reich
  • Vista Cinema In The Time of COVID-19
    On the morning of March 12th of this year, Leon Newnham, the Chief Executive Officer of Vista Cinema, woke up to discover much of his hard work over the past several weeks would be for naught. The growing coronavirus pandemic had caused President Trump to restrict travel from Europe for the next 30 days, whichRead […]
    J. Sperling Reich
  • Film Expo Group Rallies Around ShowEast During Challenging Year
    To say that 2020 has been a bad year for cinema operators and theatrical film distributors would be quite the understatement. With COVID-19 shuttering most of the world’s movie theaters, global box office is down well over 70% from last year and as cinemas reopen, it is uncertain whether audiences will comfortable returning in sufficientRead […]
    J. Sperling Reich
  • The Problems Facing North American Movie Theatres After They Reopen
    Exhibitors are dying to reopen movie theatres. Studios are dying to release blockbuster films. But will fans be ready to risk dying to see them? That’s the dilemma facing our industry in what could be a cruel summer of dashed hopes and unrealistic expectations. We’ll discuss the new normal and the challenges facing exhibitors afterRead […]
    Michael Giltz
  • Saving Small Town Cinemas in the Wake of Covid-19
    As someone who made a living in the movie industry for over two decades and now writes about it, it pains me to admit this: I’m scared for what it’ll look like this time next year. I know, we’ve been through this before. Each time a new technical advancement in the Home Entertainment space appearedRead […]
    Jim Amos
  • EVO Shares A Phased Approach for Reopening Their Texas Cinemas After Coronavirus Shutdown
    From the very moment in mid-March when the COVID-19 pandemic forced most cinemas around the world to shut their doors, they began to contemplate not only when they could reopen, but how they could do so in a way that made their patrons feel safe. As quarantine and stay-at-home orders in various regions are slowlyRead […]
    J. Sperling Reich
  • When We Return To “Normal,” the First Stop May Be The Movie Theatre
    These haven’t been a pleasant two months for the movie industry. Those of us who follow the film business, or simply just love movies, have watched as moviegoing has been completely upended, along with the rest of the entertainment sector, by coronavirus. With rare exception (“Tenet,” “Mulan,” “Wonder Woman 1984,” to name a few) mostRead […]
    Jim Amos
  • UNIC Launches Guide to Help Cinemas in Europe
    International cinema trade body UNIC has launched a comprehensive guide to help cinemas across Europe, with detailed information about cinema closures, possible re-opening dates as well as overviews of public funding initiatives and support. UNIC has also been active in liaising directly with individual member organisations on a national levels and driving the response toRead […]
    Patrick von Sychowski
  • Cinema Marquees Go Viral Amid COVID-19 Shutdown
    “Electric tiaras” are what theatre historian Ben M. Hall called the movie marquee. The cinema marquee and its readograph – the backlit sign written with moveable letters – is as important as the movie poster. Originally a rectangular sign, its shape was adapted to a more trapezoid formation specifically to be seen from a movingRead […]
    Karen Krizanovich
  • “So, What Happens Now?” How UK Cinemas Keep Going
    It’s been a long old year, this week. It’s a sobering thought that our industry, like many others, temporarily doesn’t exist. In a little more than a week we at Celluloid Junkie have gone from tracking and reporting on the measures that cinemas were taking to keep customers safe, to monitoring partial, and then fullRead […]
    Claire Beswick
RSS News and Information From Across This Site
  • Edinburgh entrepreneur opens city’s first ‘ultimate home cinema experience’ 2nd February 2023
    An Edinburgh businessman has created the ultimate home cinema experience that is the first in Scotland and has cost about “the same price of as a two-bedroom flat in Edinburgh.” Source: Edinburgh entrepreneur opens city’s first ‘ultimate home cinema experience’ – Edinburgh Live
  • Film gimmicks that worked (and a few that didn’t) 2nd February 2023
    Filmmakers have been fascinated with the immersive potential of stereoscopic 3D for as long as moving pictures have existed. After numerous short-subject experiments, enterprising techie Harry K. Fairall took the plunge and produced the first feature-length 3D movie, “The Power of Love”. The film premiered at Los Angeles’ Ambassador Hotel (with viewers donning the same […]
  • IMAX CEO: “The New Cameras Will Capture Better Images” 2nd February 2023
    In an interview held by Forbes India, IMAX CEO – Richard Gelfond elaborated on the company’s new and forthcoming technologies, including the anticipated new cameras. According to Gelfond, the new cameras will help to capture images better and will be easier to use. Source: IMAX CEO: “The New Cameras Will Capture Better Images” – YMCinema […]
  • Dave Bautista Would Love to Star in a Rom-Com, But Nobody’s Ever Asked 2nd February 2023
    Bautista wonders why he hasn’t gotten any rom-com offers, even asking himself, “Am I that unattractive?” Source: Dave Bautista Would Love to Star in a Rom-Com, But Nobody’s Ever Asked
  • Cinematic Microscopy: Nikon Announces 9K Full-Frame 60MP Camera for Microscopes 2nd February 2023
    Nikon has just announced a new full-frame camera for microscopes. The camera titled Digital Sight 50M is armed with a 60-megapixel sensor that is capable of an ultra-high resolution of 9552 × 6336. A new era of cinematic microscopy? Source: Cinematic Microscopy: Nikon Announces 9K Full-Frame 60MP Camera for Microscopes – YMCinema – News & […]
  • Apple: Your $52,000 Mac Pro Is Now Worth $1,000 2nd February 2023
    According to Apple’s Trade-In program, a perfectly working specced-out Mac Pro bought for more than $52,000 is now worth less than $1,000. That’s weird since you can still buy this machine from Apple for the same prices it was launched in 2019. Furthermore, according to rumors, the Intel-based Mac Pro is far from an obsolete […]
  • Coral Gables Art Cinema innovates moviegoing in Digital Age with Knight Foundation grant 2nd February 2023
    As Coral Gables Art Cinema readies to build a second screen in 2023, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation announced a $250,000 digital infrastructure grant to equip the new auditorium with a 4K and DCP-compliant digital projection system to ensure a superior moviegoer exhibition experience. Source: Coral Gables Art Cinema innovates moviegoing in […]
  • Pamela Anderson on #MeToo Backlash, Victim Blaming: Takes Two to Tango 2nd February 2023
    Pamela Anderson earned widespread backlash in November 2017 due to an interview with “Today” in which she appeared to victim blame the survivors of the #MeToo movement. Anderson told interviewer Megyn Kelly at the time: “It was common knowledge that certain producers or certain people in Hollywood are people to avoid, privately. You know what […]
  • Ben Whishaw Believes the New Bond Actor May Lead to His Departure From Future James Bond Films 2nd February 2023
    Ben Whishaw is uncertain about his future as Q in the Bond franchise due to the possibility of the new Bond “wiping the slate clean.” Source: Ben Whishaw Believes the New Bond Actor May Lead to His Departure From Future James Bond Films
  • Best Korean Crime Movies, Ranked 2nd February 2023
    From The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil to Oldboy, these are the best Korean crime movies to watch next. Source: Best Korean Crime Movies, Ranked
  • Luis G. Hoyos To Receive Art Directors Lifetime Achievement Award 2nd February 2023
    The Art Directors Guild (ADG, IATSE Local 800) Lifetime Achievement Award from the Set Designers & Model Makers Council (SDMM) will be granted to set designer Luis G. Hoyos, the union has announced.Hoyos, an award-winning set designer best known for Memoirs of a Geisha and Dreamgirls, will receive the honors at a ceremony taking place […]
  • New York Governor Seeks to Raise Film Tax Credit to $700 Million 2nd February 2023
    New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has proposed a major increase in the state’s film and TV tax incentive, as the state looks to compete with California and Georgia to attract productions. Source: New York Governor Seeks to Raise Film Tax Credit to $700 Million – Variety
  • James Mangold Circling ‘Swamp Thing’ Movie To Direct 2nd February 2023
    Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny filmmaker James Mangold is circling to direct Swamp Thing, Deadline has learned. These are very early talks, and nothing is set in stone. The project is so deep development there’s no script, we understand per sources. Source: James Mangold Circling ‘Swamp Thing’ Movie To Direct – Deadline
  • Does Asterix have the magic potion to save French cinema? 2nd February 2023
    Eric RANDOLPHWed, February 1, 2023, 8:05 AM GMT+1·3 min read”Asterix” returns to the big screen Wednesday as France tries to match Hollywood by weaponising nostalgia in the battle for box office success.Critics may bemoan the crushing lack of originality in Hollywood in recent years, as risk-averse studios fall back on their catalogue of familiar superhero […]
  • Sony Pictures TV Studios President Katherine Pope Q&A Industry Slimdown 2nd February 2023
    Katherine Pope was named President of Sony Pictures Television Studios last summer, 15 years after she previously ran a TV studio, NBC Universal TV Studios (now Universal Television). Broadcast networks were atop of the food chain back then, with vertical integration on the rise. Fifteen years later, broadcast and cable has been upstaged by streaming, […]
  • Going to the cinema in Lagos isn’t just about the movie that’s showing 2nd February 2023
    Going to the movies is a favourite hobby of many young people in Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous city. As the centre of the country’s media and art industry, Lagos vibrates with culture and entertainment. It is home to a massive creative ecosystem including film production and exhibition, theatre, music, photography, fashion, hospitality and festive events.Lagos […]
  • UK Film & TV Industry Posts Production Spend Of £6.3BN In 2022 2nd February 2023
    Production spend in the UK high-end TV (HETV) and film industries reached a record £6.3BN ($7.8BN) in 2022, BFI statistics released today reveal.This was up £1.8BN on the figure recorded in the pre-pandemic 2019 and is £600M more than last year’s previous record of $5.6BN. Inwards investment accounted for 86% of the total (£5.4BN) as […]
  • BBC News Cuts 10 Presenter Roles; Jane Hill, Ben Brown Out 2nd February 2023
    The BBC has told 10 of its most seasoned news anchors that they have lost their prestige presenting roles on the broadcaster’s rolling news channel.Deadline can reveal that journalists including Jane Hill, Martine Croxall, and Ben Brown were informed yesterday that they will not be among the chief presenters on a relaunched BBC News channel.The […]
  • Ousmane Sembène at 100: a guide to the life and work of the ‘father of African cinema’ 2nd February 2023
    The impact of filmmaker Ousmane Sembène’s work should not be understated. His films, made in the neorealist style, were concerned with working-class people and tended to use non-professional actors. This allowed him to represent African life on its own terms, focusing on African characters as distinct, thinking and speaking individuals beyond predictable stereotypes. He was […]
  • ‘Pathaan’ Director Siddharth Anand On Film’s Success, Future Projects 2nd February 2023
    Yash Raj Films’ action thriller Pathaan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, is shattering box office records, grossing 591 crore rupees ($73.6M) worldwide in just six days, with an impressive $27.56M coming from overseas. It’s a huge relief for the Bollywood film industry, which has had a string of flops or almost hits over the past few […]

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Thank you to all those that have contributed information and resources to the page, especially Rob Arthur from The Bigger Picture.