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This page is designed to pull together as much information, resources, and news relating to Coronavirus specifically within the cinema industry. Please feel free to let me know at of any other information and resources that you may be aware of:

General Corona Virus Information And Resources

All these resources and links are the Government related and similar sources relating to the virus and general advice:

Individual Cinema Organisations/Company Information and Support Pages

Most of the individual membership organisations and similar have pages with specifically tailored resources:

Cinema Sector-Specific Coronavirus News Stories

All the stories being published about Coronavirus across the sector:

Equipment and Technical Advice

All these links are guides and resources to looking after and maintaining the technical equipment in the cinema.

Fundraising Related Links

There are a number of different funds being setup to help support the sector:

Retail/Property/Commercial Related Material

Information and articles directly related to Retail/Property/Commercial:

Online Training Courses

There are plenty of online training courses being made available during this time, here are a few cinema specific ones:

Miscellaneous Resources and Information

This section is for any useful or relevant links that don’t fit anywhere else:


A number of different organisations are putting on webinars to help share knowledge and information during this period. Any that are known about are listed below:

Online Events This Week

Each week there are a variety of different online webinars being run by different people and companies, so here is your weekly guide to what is happening, with links to register:  Boxoffichave a list of Webinars as well.

Week Commencing: 13th April

Monday 13th : Easter Bank Holiday
Tuesday 14th: Boxoffice Pro Live Sessions with CineEurope @ 16.00 BST 
Wednesday 15th:
Thursday 16th:  CJ Cinema Summit #5 @ 17.00 BST
Friday 17th:  CineConf @ 17.00 IST

The Big Picture Infographics

The Big Picture have been creating informative infographics and helping to disseminate information from across the sector, along with supporting this page. Also have a look at their Corvid-19 Report:

Latest News:

RSS The Latest Updates from Celluloid Junkie
  • CineAsia 2021 Canceled Over COVID Concerns
    With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to disrupt countries throughout Southeast Asia the Film Expo Group has decided to cancel this year’s CineAsia convention. The event was scheduled to take place in Bangkok, Thailand from December 6th to the 9th. This will be the third consecutive year in which CineAsia has been canceled. In 2019, politicalRead […]
    J. Sperling Reich
  • Vista Cinema In The Time of COVID-19
    On the morning of March 12th of this year, Leon Newnham, the Chief Executive Officer of Vista Cinema, woke up to discover much of his hard work over the past several weeks would be for naught. The growing coronavirus pandemic had caused President Trump to restrict travel from Europe for the next 30 days, whichRead […]
    J. Sperling Reich
  • Film Expo Group Rallies Around ShowEast During Challenging Year
    To say that 2020 has been a bad year for cinema operators and theatrical film distributors would be quite the understatement. With COVID-19 shuttering most of the world’s movie theaters, global box office is down well over 70% from last year and as cinemas reopen, it is uncertain whether audiences will comfortable returning in sufficientRead […]
    J. Sperling Reich
  • The Problems Facing North American Movie Theatres After They Reopen
    Exhibitors are dying to reopen movie theatres. Studios are dying to release blockbuster films. But will fans be ready to risk dying to see them? That’s the dilemma facing our industry in what could be a cruel summer of dashed hopes and unrealistic expectations. We’ll discuss the new normal and the challenges facing exhibitors afterRead […]
    Michael Giltz
  • Saving Small Town Cinemas in the Wake of Covid-19
    As someone who made a living in the movie industry for over two decades and now writes about it, it pains me to admit this: I’m scared for what it’ll look like this time next year. I know, we’ve been through this before. Each time a new technical advancement in the Home Entertainment space appearedRead […]
    Jim Amos
  • EVO Shares A Phased Approach for Reopening Their Texas Cinemas After Coronavirus Shutdown
    From the very moment in mid-March when the COVID-19 pandemic forced most cinemas around the world to shut their doors, they began to contemplate not only when they could reopen, but how they could do so in a way that made their patrons feel safe. As quarantine and stay-at-home orders in various regions are slowlyRead […]
    J. Sperling Reich
  • When We Return To “Normal,” the First Stop May Be The Movie Theatre
    These haven’t been a pleasant two months for the movie industry. Those of us who follow the film business, or simply just love movies, have watched as moviegoing has been completely upended, along with the rest of the entertainment sector, by coronavirus. With rare exception (“Tenet,” “Mulan,” “Wonder Woman 1984,” to name a few) mostRead […]
    Jim Amos
  • UNIC Launches Guide to Help Cinemas in Europe
    International cinema trade body UNIC has launched a comprehensive guide to help cinemas across Europe, with detailed information about cinema closures, possible re-opening dates as well as overviews of public funding initiatives and support. UNIC has also been active in liaising directly with individual member organisations on a national levels and driving the response toRead […]
    Patrick von Sychowski
  • Cinema Marquees Go Viral Amid COVID-19 Shutdown
    “Electric tiaras” are what theatre historian Ben M. Hall called the movie marquee. The cinema marquee and its readograph – the backlit sign written with moveable letters – is as important as the movie poster. Originally a rectangular sign, its shape was adapted to a more trapezoid formation specifically to be seen from a movingRead […]
    Karen Krizanovich
  • “So, What Happens Now?” How UK Cinemas Keep Going
    It’s been a long old year, this week. It’s a sobering thought that our industry, like many others, temporarily doesn’t exist. In a little more than a week we at Celluloid Junkie have gone from tracking and reporting on the measures that cinemas were taking to keep customers safe, to monitoring partial, and then fullRead […]
    Claire Beswick
RSS News and Information From Across This Site
  • Hitchcock’s Psycho is returning to cinemas in 4K 20th May 2022
    Hitchcock’s masterpiece, PSYCHO, will return to UK and Irish cinemas nationwide from 27th May with a 4K restoration of the original theatrical cut. The film will screen in 100+ UK and Irish cinemas, including Vue, Odeon, Picturehouse and independent cinemas nationwide as well as selected international territories. Oscar-nominated in 1961 for Best Actress, Best Director, […]
  • Holographic Avatar in various industries; New starting point for the metaverse 20th May 2022
    According to the 2022 Research Report on the Commercialization of China Virtual Human Industry released by IMedia, the latest commercialization situation is analyzed and summarized. It is reported that 16 + virtual human enterprises have completed the financing of more than one million yuan. Prediction, the virtual human industry gradually ushered in the outbreak period, […]
  • NASA Beamed a Doctor to The ISS in a World-First ‘Holoportation’ Achievement 20th May 2022
    There’s never been a house call quite like this. In a first for telepresence communication, a NASA flight surgeon was ‘holoported’ to the International Space Station (ISS), appearing and conversing as a virtual presence in real time, hundreds of miles above the surface of Earth.If it sounds like Star Trek, you’re not too far off. […]
  • Lenovo Yoga 7000 Smart Projector Unveiled 20th May 2022
    Lenovo Yoga 7000, the latest addition to the Chinese electronics manufacturer’s projector series, was revealed in China this week.The projector comes in two color variations and includes two built-in 10W speakers as well as a 2,400 ANSI lumen LED light source.The Lenovo Yoga 7000 is fitted with a 0.47-inch DMD optical micro-mirror chip and claims […]
  • Taliban order Afghanistan’s female TV presenters to cover their faces 20th May 2022
    Media outlets were told of the decree on Wednesday, a religious police spokesman told BBC Pashto.The ruling comes two weeks after all women were ordered to wear a face veil in public, or risk punishment.Restrictions are being tightened on women — they are banned from travelling without a male guardian and secondary schools are shut […]
  • “Don’t Choose Extinction” Global Cinema Ad Aims To Inspire Movie Theater Audiences To Join Fight Against Climate Change 20th May 2022
    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and SAWA Global Cinema Advertising Association launched an eight-week international cinema advertising and social media campaign aimed at raising awareness of the climate emergency and spurring broader, urgent action to address it. Source: “Don’t Choose Extinction” Global Cinema Ad Aims To Inspire Movie Theater Audiences To Join Fight Against […]
  • The best and worst mental health depictions in cinema 20th May 2022
    Hollywood has long held a tricky relationship with the representation of mental health in cinema, with attitudes to such widespread issues having only recently improved in the 21st century industry. Now, audiences demand a better grasp of mental health issues from modern movies, particularly with such issues as anxiety, depression and more becoming something of […]
  • Report: European cinema sector making slow recovery 20th May 2022
    The European Audiovisual Observatory reports that 2021 turned out to be another difficult year for the cinema sector in Europe. Multiple factors, like the ongoing closures of cinemas, particularly in the first half of the year, the negative effect of attendance restrictions, possible hesitancy among audiences to return to cinemas, the return of US studio […]
  • Top 5 cinema camera deals I’d buy today 20th May 2022
    If your looking to get into video as a career these top 5 deals will get you great kit, and save you money in the process. Source: Top 5 cinema camera deals I’d buy today | Digital Camera World
  • Indie Focus: San Diego, California’s Digital Gym Cinema 20th May 2022
    As the cinema industry emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, Boxoffice Pro and Spotlight Cinema Networks are partnering to profile movie theaters and influential industry figures from across the country and ask them to share their first-person accounts of bringing the movies back to the big screen. Source: Indie Focus: San Diego, California’s Digital Gym Cinema […]
  • “Ambulance” is sensational cinema 20th May 2022
    Director Michael Bay’s newest action extravaganza is nothing less than glorious spectacle. Source: “Ambulance” is sensational cinema – The Cavalier Daily – University of Virginia’s Student Newspaper
  • Scorsese presents a buried gem and a pitch for cinema’s past 20th May 2022
    On Monday, Martin Scorsese and the Film Foundation will launch a new virtual theater to screen restored classic films. Source: Scorsese presents a buried gem and a pitch for cinema’s past – ABC News
  • Footage from royal family’s private collection shows Queen as ‘playful’ teenager 20th May 2022
    Extraordinary footage showing the Queen as a carefree young girl, taken from the royal family’s private collection of home videos, is set to be featured in upcoming BBC documentary Elizabeth: The Queen Unseen.A trailer released by BBC on Thursday evening showed clips taken from hundreds of recordings released to the British Film Institute (BFI) and […]
  • New documentary celebrating classic British film ‘Get Carter’ being made 20th May 2022
    It is a British classic and, perhaps, the most famous film located in the North East. Now a new documentary is being filmed about “Get Carter,” exploring its impact, legacy and enduring popularity.The feature will speak to its stars, fans, and the next generation of filmmakers who have been influenced by the film. Source: New […]
  • Platinum Jubilee: BBC documentary to give viewers ‘extraordinary glimpse’ into Queen’s private life 20th May 2022
    The BBC was granted access to previously unseen photos and private family footage of the Queen to make the documentary. Source: Platinum Jubilee: BBC documentary to give viewers ‘extraordinary glimpse’ into Queen’s private life
  • New governors representing Scotland and Wales welcomed to BFI board 20th May 2022
    Dr Romana Ramzan, games industry pioneer, is the BFI’s Scotland governor, and leading lawyer Anwen Griffiths has been appointed the BFI’s Wales governor. Source: New governors representing Scotland and Wales welcomed to BFI board | BFI
  • VUE Launches British Film Institute Presents 20th May 2022
    Vue Entertainment and the British Film Institute (BFI) have joined forces to bring diverse and creative films from the BFI to even more screens across the UK.Starting this May, the BFI Presents programme at Vue, will screen a series of films, carefully curated by the BFI, from newly released and award-winning British and international film […]
  • Dharmaveer Movie Review: Prasad Oak brings Anand Dighe to life in this glorified biopic 20th May 2022
    Biopics are a tricky zone. Presenting both sides of the coin without a filter can draw ire from followers, while justifying each action through a cleansing lens can invite accusations of glorification from viewers/ critics. Often, filmmakers take the latter route for reasons best known to them. Dharmaveer does the same by portraying the late […]
  • This is the Camera That Shot Avatar 2 20th May 2022
    Avatar 2 was shot in unconventional cinematographic methodologies. The camera is the Sony VENICE rigged to a specially made 3D stereoscopic beam splitter system, utilizing the Rialto extension unit. The system is called Sony CineAlta VENICE 3D. Here are a few pictures of it… Source: This is the Camera That Shot Avatar 2 – Y.M.Cinema […]
  • Telstra, Silver Trak Digital Create Cinema Direct 5G Content Delivery 20th May 2022
    Telstra and media asset management specialists Silver Trak Digital have launched their new 5G Cinema Direct content delivery service – Australia’s fastest, most robust, and most secure delivery of digital content over 5G for cinemas, content distributors and movie studios.Cinema Direct requires no cabling, can be installed and working very quickly and is backed by […]

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Thank you to all those that have contributed information and resources to the page, especially Rob Arthur from The Bigger Picture.