Haunted Places in Canada

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From Juice News Daily: BC – Vernon – Vernon’s Towne Cinema – The actual theatre building was built in 1928, and was originally constructed as a dance hall and live theatre. In 1938 the live theatre was converted to a movie theatre by the Famous Players Corporation. There have been many strange and odd occurrences in the theatre for years, many of these occurrences have been detailed in the book, Ghosts II, by John Belyk. It is said that the ghost of a long dead projectionist walks the theatre at night after the final curtain falls. Mysterious footprints appear on clean, newly washed floors, often the print of a naked foot appears as the floor is being washed and there have been many witnesses to this phenomenon. Hair being pulled, an apparition of a man, Items being moved, rattling doorknobs, doors being locked, employees hearing their names called, have all been reported. Odd occurrences have become so common that the staff have even given our mysterious ghost a name, he is affectionately know as “Lloyd” and whenever something happens its just old Lloyd acting up again. Ever the owner now, has had to stay the night there, and has woken in the middle of the night not being able to move feeling a heavy weight on him